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Monday, September 15, 2014

3 Days!

Mom and I leave for Memphis in three days. I'm so excited, though I am still nervous about flying. Someone at the library today said usually it's the fillings in your teeth that cause the pressure - I hope not!

Tomorrow mom is calling a dinner cruise. In 2005, dad and the sheriff at the time took a business trip to Tunica, Mississippi, which is about 20 minutes from Memphis. When dad went in 2005, Tunica only had one casino and the rest were cotton fields. Mom and I want to see the cotton fields and see what we hear as a "quaint little town." Mom wants to call to make sure this dinner cruise isn't only for the casinos (more casinos have since been built). I hope it isn't and I hope we can do it. I'd like to see Mississippi!

Hmm... I found this site: Tunica Queen, but mom had something else in mind (it was more expensive). I'm not sure because we're not renting a car and what she found starts in Memphis and goes to Tunica. I really hope we can. I'm really excited!

This is what I want to see. I'd love to take a cotton pod, but I'm not sure if I'd be allowed. :(

So excited! :) I am still debating on bringing my DSLR camera or the bridge camera. The bridge camera is more light weight, but the DSLR takes wonderful pictures. Hmmm...

Feelings of Fall/ Packers Surprising Win

For the past few days it has been feeling like fall in Pennsylvania. Last week I exclaimed, "In Green Bay it's 46 degrees! I hope that weather comes here soon!" Sure enough it has and last night it went down to 45 degrees. I love this time of year because I do love cool weather. I'm a cold weather girl. I also love this time of year because pumpkin spiced goodies are now out. Pumpkin spice iced coffees, donuts, pies and candy are my favorite. Halloween candy is also now officially out, which I saw yesterday at Big Lots.

Football season is a favorite, of course. I was happy that the Ravens beat the Steelers by a landslide on Thursday night. Yesterday my beloved Packers played. With day temperatures in the 60s here, it was a perfect day to wear my Jordy Nelson jersey, Cheesehead and cuddle under my Packers fleece.

I was playing around with the self timer on my phone. The last one came out perfectly. :)

For the first half of the game, I was watching as a nervous wreck. The Packers were losing by a landslide and I couldn't believe all the mistakes that were being made... especially against the Jets: the Jets are usually a lousy team. They did start to catch up by the end of the second quarter when I made my own fruit punch and ate some rainbow sherbet; I joked that was a good luck charm. However, I decided to take a shower and practice for the interview I had with Montgomery County (PA) today. That was a good 45 minutes and when I turned the TV back on, the Packers were winning by a touchdown! They played good for the last quarter and I smiled at the results.I really hope they continue playing like they did in the fourth quarter and of course improve. I'm hoping in a few weeks, they'll look like their 2011 season again (15-1 record). That would be nice!

The fruit punch I made (sherbet and Seven Up) and the sherbet.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Flying with Teeth Issues

This morning was fun. Dad bought donuts and I had a glazed donut. Usually I avoid chewing on my left because my teeth are brittle and I lost a filling on the left side once. I guess I wasn't paying attention because I chewed on my left side and half of my tooth fell out. I went to the dentist and he did fill it, but he warned me that I can't chew on my left side at all because the filling will fall out... since I lost half my tooth. I will be saving to get a crown early next year. He recommended for early next year because right now I don't need a root canal and I want to avoid that. Besides, it was interesting eating when we went to lunch today... I was paranoid and ended up cutting my pizza into small pieces and chewing with my front teeth only.

Mom and I fly out of Philadelphia to Memphis on Thursday evening at 6:30. I haven't flown in two years - the last time I flew was to Milwaukee in 2012. I always get headaches when flying because of pressure. Since I can't chew gum, I've been looking at different ways to relieve the pressure. I found: What Causes Pressure In the Ear?

  • Inhaling then slowly exhaling through a pinched nose and a mouth closed can be done to relieve the pressure or discomfort
  • Applying a warm compress. Pour hot water over folded paper towels. Lie on the unaffected side and apply the towel over the affected ear.  Place a cup over the towels to allow heat from the paper towels to allow the ear to open up.
  • Hydrate with plenty of fluids such as water, juice, or herbal tea. Fluids help dilute mucus and relieve ear pressure
  • Apply a warm compress over the affected ear.
  • Arrange pillows to elevate the head while sleeping. This allows drainage and reduces ear pressure
  •  Take a hot shower or boil water for steam inhalation. Place the head directly over a wide-mouthed pot and cover with a large towel to inhale the vapor from the boiled water. This will help drain the sinuses and reduce the discomfort cause by the ear pressure.

I'm glad it's only an hour and a half flight. I don't think it'll be too bad and usually it's relieved after I land. Memphis is an hour behind us because they're on central time, so it might be a two hour flight. Since mom and I arrive in Tennessee closer to 9 at night, we're going to eat dinner at our hotel. We'll probably just hang out at the hotel to get a better idea of what we're doing for Friday and Saturday.  We're definitely doing Memphis Hop and I have to check the bus route for the Pink Palace since that's not on the Memphis Hop route. So excited! I'm bringing a notebook to write about my trip.

Friday, September 12, 2014

1 Week!

1 week until Memphis! Mom and I are going to wing it for the most part - we're going to take the Hop On, Hop Off, see Beale Street and see what next Saturday brings. I rented a DVD... I will update more tomorrow.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thankful Thursday 9/11/2014

Dear bloggers, what have I to be thankful for today? I really liked what my Instagram friend posted with his 9-11 memorial:

Today is a day to be grateful for everything we have, to live for those who lost the chance to, and to remember all the heroes in the world big or small. All of my prayers go out to all the people effected on this day.

This was well written and I agree. We need to be mourn those that lost their life on 9-11, but also everyone who has lost a life to terrorism (not only "Islamic" terrorism, but "Christian" terrorism, "Jewish" terrorism in other parts of the world, terrorism in general because terror doesn't have a faith, they're all cowards and use religion to hide behind evil and greed). We need to be grateful for those that protect us and continue to risk their lives to protect us. I want to thank the men and women that are currently overseas helping to protect us from another attack.


Today is also Throwback Thursday! Here are some pictures I posted on Instagram:

Daniel and me in December 2000.

Christmas 2000. I was looking at my new blink-182 CD. That Christmas I received blink-182's Dude Ranch and Cheshire Cat (I think that was the name of the album... it had a Siamese cat on the front. I do have the CD upstairs still). Do you see the black roll behind the gifts? That was an Eminem poster my friend at the time gave me. I wonder if I still have that poster. I loved it. I loved my Eminem, Limp Bizkit and blink-182 posters I had in my room until 2004. I really hope I still have them.

Woo in 1999. Woo was our Siamese cat that we had from 1988-2007.

Today I also sent a card to my friend Hal. He lives in Chicago, but I haven't spoken to him since I deactivated my Facebook. He had prostate cancer and was battling it. I feel bad that I didn't write him sooner, but I bought him a nice card and this magnet:

I'm thinking about going back to Hallmark to get myself a magnet. It's so true. I'm thinking of starting a story with this. I did write Hal a letter as well; I hope he does keep in touch! 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Moon Photography and Poetry

Moon: A Triolet

The moon quickly lights the sky,
once or twice, perhaps, per week--
illuminating moths and bats that float by.
The moon quickly lights the sky,
lovers stargazing kiss and loudly sigh
about a summer so long and so bleak.
The moon quickly lights up the sky,
once or twice, perhaps, per week.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Review of Grumpy Cat's The Grumpy Guide to Life

A few weeks ago, Grumpy Cat released her second book titled The Grumpy Guide to Life: Observations by Grumpy Cat. I was so happy to see that the library had her new book and they put it on reserve for me. Ah, this book is great! It's perfect for Grumpy Cat fans and curmudgeons alike. Grumpy Cat's witty and satirical sayings along with her advice to how life should be lived in Grumpy Cat's grumpy fashion:

How do you use this book? You look like you need things spelled out for you pretty clearly.  Let me make this easy for you:

1: understand you need help from an expert (me).
2: continue turning the pages of this book,
3: follow my advice.
4: repeat.

Got it? Wait, don't tell me. I honestly don't care.

Also, Andrew, remember that magnet I bought for the refrigerator for Christmas? This one:

That picture is in that book, but that full saying isn't... it's the shortened version. It's definitely a hilarious book and it'll change your life, unfortunately (haha). I would recommend it, but put an order into your library today because it's very popular!