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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thankful Thursday 5/21/2015

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm thankful for one of the seniors that is going to look over my "The Soundtrack To Your Life" portion of my manuscript. That is going to be a HUGE help and I'm thankful for the kindness. I'm thankful overall for my second job at the Senior Center - a lot of the members have been very helpful and encouraging. It's nice.

I'm also thankful for my friends that are helping me with Arabic. I try to keep up with it because I loved learning it and want to continue learning more. I'm thankful my friends are willing to help me as much as they can. :)

Tonight I'm heading off to Mega Bad Movie Night - I'm thankful the Academy of Natural Sciences has these events. I look forward to the games, the movie comments, and the laughter. I'm looking forward to tonight. I'll be posting pictures at some point tomorrow or on Saturday (I'm going to be helping a lady from the Senior Center garden after work at the library tomorrow... it might be Saturday). Lately life has been good and I'm thankful for it. I like the quote I posted.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Walk Down Memory Lane #2

In honor of the self-published book I am working on that will include some of my stories/poetry from "Soundtrack To My Life" and will include all the poetry I wrote for NaPoWriMo... here's an entry from "Soundtrack To My Life." I found the concert pictures last week and was so happy!

This is just a brief post because one of the members of the senior center will be looking at some of the "Soundtrack To My Life" to make sure it's legally sound. He's a former lawyer and he said using song titles can get dicey at times. I'm grateful for him.

Alice In Chains is one of my favorite Grunge bands. Although the guy who replaced Layne in 2009 isn't the same, I still enjoyed seeing Alice In Chains and Stone Temple Pilots in 2010 when they played MMRBBQ. WMMR is a rock radio station in Philadelphia. An old friend from college, her dad used to be a DJ for the radio station and he gave her four tickets for MMRBBQ. MMRBBQ is a rock concert held every year in May (Memorial Day weekend). Sam posted a few weeks before the concert that she had extra tickets and whomever wanted to go should message her. I messaged her because I considered her a good acquaintance and I wanted to go. She was happy when I messaged her because she was going to message me to ask if I wanted to come along.

That Saturday, Sam drove forty-five minutes to my house to pick me up to bring me back to her house in Media. It was cool of her parents to let me stay over night because it would be easier that way. The concert was an all day event on a Sunday. Her family was really nice and she was a really cool girl too. We talked a bit in the Spring semester, but getting to know her more was a lot of fun. We watched some movies and just talked. On Sunday, Greg, which I used to have a crush on and that's how I met her... through Greg, came over because he was going too. At that point, he had a new girlfriend (that was soul crushing to me at the time *Laugh* ) , and he texted her the whole time.

We left Sam's house to go to Camden, NJ at about 11am. We arrived in Camden, I'd say a good 45 minutes later. I got to meet Pierre Robert (he's the famous personality from WMMR), Preston and Steve. The opening acts were decent, but I was so happy when Stone Temple Pilots came on, followed by Alice In Chains. Like the Twiztid show in 2013, I was singing along with every AIC song and by the time we left Camden that night, I was hoarse.

Like I said, I was happy to find these pictures again. These were from May 2010:

Alice In Chains! Jerry Cantrell!

Better one of Alice In Chains.

Better one of Jerry Cantrell.

I look young here. I'm a month shy of 21.

I might ask about the legality of including some of these pictures. I probably can only use me and the friends photo and the one of me rocking on. Hmmm...

...I'll keep y'all posted on the book!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Never Give Up

For's forty-eight hour challenge using Rule The World by Walk Off Earthas inspiration.

Never Give Up
Jessica Marie

Never give up, she said,
if one door closes, don't sink like lead,
stand strong because you're talented and smart.
You're right, I said, as we part.
Keep moving with Arabic, syllables tread.

I sat myself at the desk, table cloth red
and began to flip through Arabic pages never read,
tales of Islam and foods like tarts,
or fairy tales, or manners like expressions after farts.
Never give up,

in texts with Moe in the dead
of the night - baladi never fill me with dread,
it makes the future in lands so far
seem close; even with some failure, my goal will never dart,
even if it takes weeks or years to bed.
Never give up, she urged.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Turkish Delights and Rittenhouse Square

After visiting the post office located on 8th and 9th Market Streets, I took the bus to South Street to have lunch at Kabobeesh. I really liked that place when I visited last month. The Turkish owners were so happy to see me again - they welcomed me back. I took my seat where I sat last time; it was a very hot day on Saturday and that table was near the opened door. The good looking Turkish guy laughed and said, "You're sitting where you sat last time. Don't blame you, though, as that's the coolest spot," in his Turkish accent.

I ordered a Turkish Tea. I thought it was really strong, but it was good. I put a lot of sugar into it. I ordered Imam Faithful, which was a vegetarian eggplant dish. I ate meat all week, I wanted something vegetable based. The guy looked puzzled and said, "are you vegetarian?" I replied, "No. Just trying something new." He asked if I also wanted the Baba Ganuj like last time, but I said that would be too filling.

I did get some pictures. He took a picture of me sitting in the restaurant. He said if the owner was there, I could take more pictures. Maybe next time. When he brought out the Imam Faithful dish, it was really good. I scarfed everything down. I love eggplant and the rice was seasoned awesomely. I ordered more Turkish Tea and ordered their awesome Baklava.

Turkish Tea

Imam Faithful


After I was filled to the gills, I walked around South Street for a bit. I wanted to go to a hookah bar, but Eclipse wasn't opened yet and neither was the other one I went to three years ago. On my walk around South Street, I ran into Adventures In Feathers, a family that brings their parrots to places and get pictures. They were cute and so cool.

I ended up walking to 2nd and Market to take the Market Frankfurt Line to take the trolley to Rittenhouse Square. I was going to take a bus, but the bus never showed up, and I trekked the five blocks to the MFL. The trolley ride was neat.

Rittenhouse Square was very crowded. I saw two weddings. There were lots of performers and each Saturday there is a farmer's market. I bought a vichyssoise soup. I took some pictures of musicians, though one freaked out. He asked me if I knew his name - which I did and I requested him months ago on LinkedIn - but denied I knew it and said I took his picture two years ago. He called me rude and I fought with him for a bit - I am not a rude person, especially since I took his picture before without a problem. I then walked away and met some college students that wanted me to take their pictures. We all exchanged Instagram accounts and e-mail addresses. They were nice and we had a lot of fun.

Billy Goat is my favorite statue!

This little boy loved playing by Billy Goat and loved having his picture taken. There was a little girl that was the same way.

I love this one. I cracked a smile. :)

This statue was cool too.

I then went to Barnes and Noble and bought two Arabic books. One from Rumi, then another book in English and Arabic. I'm trying to get back into my Arabic.

Taking the MFL back to 69th Street to head home.

I had a nice day in the city. Turkish Delights and Rittenhouse Square (Album). I might write some poems about my day... later this week.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Pictures From Film

On Friday The Camera Shop in Bryn Mawr called me to tell me my pictures from the disposable camera were developed. I trekked down to Bryn Mawr, then headed to Philadelphia afterwards. However, I noticed only half of the film developed. This disposable camera I bought from the Academy of Natural Sciences was like the camera from Urban Outfitters. I guess if I want to shoot in film, I'll just buy my own film and use dad's Olympus SLR camera. Here are the pictures that developed. Most of them are from Philadelphia at the end of February:

Snake at the Academy of Natural Sciences.

From the walk to work.


I remember the day I bought that disposable camera well. I wanted to take pictures of the city in film because I've never done that before. I went into the gift shop and bought the camera. I took pictures of the buildings, the el (they developed, but it was I didn't upload), and of the Academy.I like the building pictures. I would definitely do that activity again - maybe in the summer!

I'm going to work on an entry about my day out in Philadelphia yesterday (pictures taken with digital camera - Nikon D3100). Today was busy, especially with the book discussion. Please stand by.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Secret Life of Bloggers Blog Party (5/11/2015-5/16/2015)

Monday, May 11

This really made my day. :) Acrassicauda likes my blog.

Wednesday, May 13

At work, I made up treat bags for the Expo on May 19. I felt trapped in.

After things were organized. Much better!

After the General Meeting, I went down to see the diorama display.
This one member is really into the Napoleonic Era and he displayed his hobby.
I took pictures for the newsletter.

Thursday, May 14

Beautiful display at Starbucks. Orchids!

Before work, I stopped off at Villanova. I covered the church in the background.

 Friday, May 15

Was so happy to see the Tigers/Cardinals game televised. Tigers won!

Saturday, May 16

On South Street...

In Rittenhouse Square Park...

Went into Philadelphia today. Longer entry will come tomorrow about that.

Bought these at Barnes & Noble today.



Ball Girl, Rebecca. You can meet Ball Girls: Katie, Traneya, and Bridey.

Come meet Tommy Greene. Former Phillie and Brave.


For more information, please visit: Upper Merion Senior Service Center.