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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thankful Thursday 8/21/2014

Today is Thankful Thursday. What do I have to be thankful for today? I had a peaceful week and today marked the final nail in the coffin for Detroit. I didn't get Write A House and you know what? I'm glad. I don't want to live in that part of Detroit; I don't want to live in a neighborhood where there is a lot of crime. I guess I'm just not a city person - I prefer the burbs and the burbs elsewhere in the Midwest. This NO closed the last door I had still opened for Detroit (if I was selected, I would have told them no) officially. I have been blessed along this journey; I think it's a blessing I didn't get anything in Detroit because I think it would have turned VERY bad VERY QUICKLY. I feel thankful for this blessing and now I can focus on Green Bay. I also e-mailed a temp agency in King of Prussia and I found another job at the university my dad graduated from. It's part time and it lasts for a year, but it's temp only. I'm going to apply tomorrow because it'd be perfect - not far of a commute, can still work the library and still have time to apply in Wisconsin. I think it would be great experience and a stepping stone for a job in Green Bay. I have good feelings about taking a temp job here and continuing the search in Green Bay.

I also retook the pictures from Tuesday. This time downstairs and with more light. I was going with advice from Blurry Photos - How to Prevent Them. I'm still learning my camera.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Happy Birthday, Robert Plant!

Happy birthday, Robert Plant! He's from Led Zeppelin and I'm a huge Zeppelin fan. :) There is a day long contest that is commemorating his birthday: The Writer's Cramp: Prompt Due 8/21.  My poem:

Golden Stairway By the Misty Lake

On my morning walk I stumbled upon a misty lake,
a moment of despair, I thought I surely made a mistake;
the lemon yellow sun that brightened my path disappeared—
but after the panic subsides, I spot bright fish in water so clear.
Dazed, remember the one time at the cupcake place
where you rambled on with tears strewn upon your pale face;
he took you out and from that moment your memory escapes you,
and in the months that followed, so confusing and blue:
I have finally broken free of that chain, my first walk in days—
water rushes and peace washes over me as I follow the stairway.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Adventure To Exton Square Mall

Today I decided to take the 92 to Exton Square Mall because I like the Exton Mall better than King of Prussia. I like smaller malls. Since graduating 9 months ago, the furthest I've taken the 92 was Paoli. I can't believe how much Malvern and the path to Exton has changed! When did the Seven-11 across from the Rite Aid close? I won't write about the reaction going through West Chester... but I was glad when I did get to the Exton Mall.

I didn't buy much. It looks like Boscov's has a better (and cheaper) selection online. I was sad I didn't see my silk pajamas. :( But, I guess part of it is even though I do have a gift card to spend, I'm being frugal. I'm trying to find clothes to wear for temping. I did buy grunge boots at DEB though for $8! I was so happy to see that sale. Then, a book on sale for $3. Here are some pictures from my adventure:

I wanted to go into the arcade, but didn't have the cash. :( Next time!

And one of the Baby Doll dresses with the boots. I know I need to clean my room - tomorrow after work! For some reason, though, some of the self-timed pictures came out blurry.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mom's 50th Surprise Birthday Party 8/16/2014

Dad had been planning this party for two weeks, but didn't bother telling me about it until last Sunday. He wanted me to pickup decorations and since I don't drive, it was a lot of running around and last minute things. It was also hard because mom works from home. I still have to finish mom's scrapbook that will have pictures and poetry and quotes. I started three pages worth of facts of things that happened in 1964. 1964 was an interesting year. Even though I complained about last minute things, people were impressed. I'm thinking once I move, I might start my own party planning business in Green Bay. Thoughts?

Aunt Kathy and Aunt Peg took mom out to tea at the Taste of Britain tea room in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Aunt Kathy picked mom up fifteen minutes early; dad and I were happy. As soon as Aunt Kathy pulled out of the drive way, I started decorating the dining room and living room, then dad was in the kitchen getting the catered food (pork and roast beef, cole slaw, potato salad, chips, drinks) together as well as the plates. It took us two and half hours to set up and we finished ten minutes before mom's family arrived.

I made a note using some things spelled out in candy. Aunt Kathy found the idea on Pinterest. I made up my own note. Mom HATES Eminem with a passion, so I thought it'd be funny. Only on 5th Avenue in Jessica's universe would the Lemonheads be headlining Eminem. Haha.

First half of the display of "It happened in '64". St. Louis Cardinals beat the Yankees (I didn't have a cardinals cap), but in 1968 Detroit Tigers exacted revenge on the Cardinals and beat them in the World Series.

Packers went #2 in the Western Conference in 1964.

The table.

Aunt Linda, Uncle Joey, Jason, his girlfriend - Lily, and Joey arrived first. Aunt Peg had to excuse herself from tea; Aunt Peg and Uncle Tom arrived next, then Uncle Dave and Kaitlyn. Aunt Kathy brought mom home at 3 and mom was surprised. She really enjoyed her party. We all had a really great time. :) Maddie came in after we yelled "SURPRISE" to mom, she passed the first test of the EMT training course. She was happy. People were happy for her and people were happy that I am going back to my original dream of Green Bay. They understand I want to move, but I know I have to get full time temp here as I wait for Wisconsin. That way I have some money to move and some money to fall back on. It was a joyous occasion.

She's so surprised.

I was happy that Jason brought his girlfriend, Lily. I liked her. :) He's 16 and she is 15... as we were talking, it doesn't sound like the high school has changed all that much! She's spunky and I like her fun personality. At one point, she put Jason's hair up in pony tails. He was so embarrassed. 

And before they left, they raided my Wii console. I haven't played with it in 5 years or so. They played Guitar Hero. I should get back into it.

Check out the album: Mom's 50th Surprise Birthday Party.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Devil's Den Review

Mom's party just finished and I'm exhausted. It went well, though. I will upload the pictures and post tomorrow! Today I finally wrote the review for Devil's Den in Philadelphia. Here is the link because I think the more people visit the link, the more chances I have of winning $500! Review of Devil's Den in Philadelphia on City-Data. But here is the actual article:

In May 2013 I decided to take a trip to Philadelphia to see a show. I wanted to give a new place a try and asked one of my friends who lives in the city for one of his favorite places. He suggested Devil's Den; I thanked him and researched the place. In May 2013, I was still a college student and I knew going in, this was going to be a more expensive dining experience.

The first time I went in May, I was placed at the bar. I saw the Devil's Den had absinthe, which is one of my favorites. It was $11 for an absinthe glass size. The absinthe was amazing; it was distilled to perfection - the bartender mentioned they buy it from the finest place and he wasn't lying. I ordered a a Buffalo chicken sandwich (without the blue cheese) and it was  very good. The bartender throughout the entire meal was friendly, helpful and a good conversationalist.

I arrived at 4 in the afternoon and the restaurant wasn't crowded at that point. The atmosphere of Devil's Den wasn't a typical bar scene; it is a step above the traditional bar and you could tell with the upscale decor. Of course the decor isn't what would be found in a fancy restaurant because the decor has a devil theme or (what reminded me of a) rock show theme. I really liked the atmosphere - it was laid back.

I went to the Devil's Den again in June 2013 with my guy friend that suggested the restaurant in May. This time we arrived at close to nine in the evening and the place was hopping. Devil's Den was livelier at night, but the service was still very good. I ordered a white sangria and it was delicious. It was not as sweet as a red sangria (I will admit that was my first time having a white sangria; I'm not sure if the white is more tart than a red), but the fruit they put in was a compliment. My friend ordered an IPA beer and he loved it. I ordered a Falafel wrap and I thought that was better than some of the Middle Eastern restaurants I went to.

When my friend and I went in June, we were there for two hours. Not eating, but chatting and catching up. I've been in a few restaurants where they would rush you out. Devil's Den wasn't like that at all. They didn't really bother us or hurry us along- we left when we were ready. I liked that about the restaurant. I would definitely suggest Devil's Den is you're in the South Philadelphia area for a show or a game. It's on the expensive side, but the ambiance, service and cleanliness of the restaurant make up for it. Devil's Den is one of my favorite places in Philadelphia.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Philadelphia's Avenue of the Arts and Twiztid's Freek Show

After Louis and I ate in Chinatown, before I left the city for the day, we decided to walk to the Avenue of Arts in Philadelphia. I wanted to go to FYE to see if they had any Dark Lotus CDs. It wasn't a long walk and Louis commented that it looked like City Hall was finally opened - the construction looked to be done. The last time I was on the Avenue of the Arts was June 2013 and City Hall was still under construction.

We arrived to FYE in no time. The FYE in King of Prussia closed about six years ago, so I love whenever I come across an FYE. FYE isn't a Tower Records, but they usually have a good selection (Tower Records declared Chapter 13 bankruptcy in 2006 and is no longer). We were surprised that they rearranged the store: the DVDs were now downstairs and the CDs were upstairs with the records. I asked the girl that works there if they would have Dark Lotus, which they are composed of Insane Clown Posse and Twiztid. She replied, "We should. We have ICP!" I was dumb and asked if they were under rap and she said yes (sometimes Twiztid could go either way). They had one Dark Lotus CD, but then I saw they had a bunch of Twiztid CDs. I copied Freek Show in 2004, but the copy is starting to warp and doesn't play fully. I really wanted Cryptic Collection 4 as well, but I knew I could only afford 1 and bought Freek Show. We spent a good 30 minutes there looking at Psychopathic and metal CDs, then ironically children's movies. :D

Before I caught the bus home, we stopped at this one theatre that has a bronze statue out. In 2007, I had a picture taken with this statue - I said to Louis that we must get pictures!

I then caught the bus home. I didn't bring my CD player that day, but after I arrived home, I opened the CD and listened to it.

These are my favorite songs:

It was so nice listening to a clear CD again. I've been listening to Freek Show nonstop all week!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Mom's 50th Birthday

Tomorrow I will write the last about Saturday. I'm full and tired from being full. We had a nice dinner at William Penn Inn, a very fancy restaurant in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. I didn't take any pictures outside tonight, but here are some old pictures from Easter 2006 (and there are some I took of the inside then... this was in the buffet room, the fine dining room has paintings hanging up and a harp player). The Inn turned 300 this year and hasn't changed much in appearance!

I ordered a Tennessee Punch, which was Jack Daniels, cointreau, brandy and ginger ale. So good and probably why I'm a little tired. Mom and dad ordered a bottle of wine. Dinner was awesome; the waitress brought me some snapper soup to try (I wanted to try it because it sounded interesting and it wasn't too bad), then I had onion soup and shrimp Francaise with lump crab meat. Mom had seafood and dad ordered prime rib. For dessert, we had small desserts and they put a candle on it for mom. We didn't take many pictures since it was a fancy restaurant and it wouldn't have been appropriate. I did take a picture of my snapper soup and the desserts. It was a nice two hour dinner. :)
Snapper soup.

I remember we went to William Penn Inn for mom's 40th birthday and I remember the day perfectly. But, I found my entry on Deadjournal. Here's a throwback for TBT (throwback Thursday):

[Saturday, August 14th, 2004|09:25 pm]
[mood| happy]
[music|Motley Crue- Dr. Feelgood]

After months searching in Walmarts, I finally found my Motley Crue CD! I figured why not, while I'm here I can look and I was expecting anything and they had it. I got Dr. Feelgood. I'm going to listen to it now. I'm so happy.
Today was my mom's birthday. She liked the blouse, but I don't know if she liked the CD. We went to William Penn's tonight and the food was excellent. Always is. Tomorrow my grandma is having us for spaghetti dinner and we'll light her cake there.
Monday at 9ish or so I'm leaving for Waldorf. I'll most likely file down there. YAY! More money hopefully.
Well going to go. Byes.

Rock on!

Tonight is going to be a chilly, fall-like night! I love this weather. The other night I put my Packers quilt on my bed. Football season is starting soon! :)