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Sunday, July 27, 2014

In Memory of Joan and Jim

Last night I was going through old entries on my blog. Yesterday was a year since Joan, nan's old neighbor, passed away. Sad Day. It's ironic because she died six months after nan died. I was always close to the Connors; they were three sisters living together. I remember they would take me out to see movies when I was a child and I loved their tortoise shell cat, Pookie, who sadly died in 2001. I loved that cat. Mary, the eldest sister that is still alive (along with the middle sister, Flo), used to be a nurse and ah man, I have some embarrassing stories that I won't tell on this blog. ::blush:: But, it was always good times with them and nan was close to them. Mary helped nan throughout her cancer saga. Joan had Alzheimer's and Mary chuckled a bit when she said, "Ah, I guess Joan missed your grandmother since they passed within six months of one another." I still see them, but I haven't seen them in two weeks. I have to tell them I went back to my original plan: moving to Wisconsin.

Happy birthday, Jim! He would have been 27 today if his twin hadn't murdered the family. Birthday MourningIn Shock. There was only one other time I felt that shock and sadness; this scaled #2. I felt bad though because a few months earlier we got into a fight. We weren't close - I had a silly crush on him in high school, but I was a nervous wreck that I'd come off as a creepy stalker and didn't talk to him that much. The few interactions were nice and he was a friendly guy. He always added me on social media and we talked more there. I didn't realize he deleted me until after the murder, but it didn't surprise me since the argument was heated and hurtful. That was before I knew I had hypothyroidism and was in denial about it. You know, it still makes me sad to think about it; not as much as three and a half years ago, but it still stings a bit. Anyway... happy birthday, Jim and keep rocking in heaven!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Blogging Advice

Another prompt I really liked today:

 I'm new to blogging. What pointers would you give me to become a good blogger.? Do you think pictures are important in a blog? Music? Links to information?

I've been blogging for 12 years, although not on My first blog was on deadjournal (Ramblings of a Rebel) that I still update occasionally. I was 13 years old when I started blogging; back then, it was essentially an internet diary. Over the years as I use and Blogger more now (and use Blogger as a way to make some money), I've found advice and pictures go a long way. Of course, it helps if the advice has some research and some links. People generally like my pictures and writing as well. From time to time I will do music reviews to change it up a bit. I would say, do whatever you feel like. Be you. If you want to just blog about your writing or music only or pictures only, do it! Don't limit yourself! I have a myriad of interests and I like to blog about them. In fact, blogging helps me put together travel books because that's where I usually jot down plans. Just be you.

Friday, July 25, 2014

The Secret Life of Blogger's Blog Party: In The End (7/19-7/25)

Weird Al was on the news the other night about making a comeback. I remember posting this video a few weeks ago, but I didn't watch it until the news brought it up. I'm usually not a Weird Al fan, but I really like his parody of "Blurred Lines." I think this song should be played to older middle schoolers and high schoolers as well as some college students.

Saturday, July 19

Went to lunch at Bagelicious and this was my awesome meal. :)

I was cleaning out my closet and found an Arabic poem I wrote in 2010:
بين جنّة و جهنَّم
ثقل قلب و عين
اطفل نور
راحة سلمي

Between heaven and hell,
heavy heart and eyes,
distinguished light.
Rest peacefully.

Some worksheets too.

I love this bokeh shot. It's pretty. :)

Sunday, July 20

I love this box… I do want to try these clementines for kids.

Haha… I almost bought it because of Monoxide. :D I didn't see "Jessica" though.

Mom showed me how to make nan's sauce.

The pickles I made were ready. So good. I'll be making them again.

Monday, July 21

Dad brought me home an Orange Julius. It was so good.

Mom showed me how to make nan's famous meatballs.

Getting ready for my SocraTea interview tomorrow… though in my heart I know I want to be in Green Bay…

…I have decided to tell her I changed my mind, I can't find housing and I want to go back to my dream: Wisconsin.

Tuesday, July 21

I love dad's Ray Ban sunglasses. :)

Wednesday, July 23

The sun makes my freckles stand out.

I've decided that I want to go back to my original dream and look in Wisconsin/Green Bay. I like what I see there and I want to be there. I'll be finding something temporary here to save, then keep applying in Wisconsin. While I was at the library, I thought about making a picture document of things I can look forward to about Wisconsin, goals, etc. :) Here are some pictures:

People from Wisconsin on City-Data have been more helpful and encouraging.
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Default Writing in Green Bay

Hi everyone,

I want to move from Pennsylvania to Green Bay (I've always loved Green Bay and that was my original plan to move from 2010-2013, then got sidetracked for 6 months and I want to try again... I've been to Green Bay a few times and I just love it. I know I want to be here) and I'm a writer and librarian. I have 9 years experience in a library, 3 years in office with technical writing and 7 years with freelance writing. I have a bachelor's degree in English and I know German fluently (as well as Arabic, but I'm not fluent in that [yet]). I am still currently working in Pennsylvania (and will be getting a 2nd job hopefully in retail to save up for the move and maybe transfer if necessary), but I applied at a few jobs already. Although I still work in Pennsylvania and will be taking something for extra money, I am still going to apply in Green Bay. What is the outlook for writers or administrative assistants? I did apply at the Brown County Library. Are there other libraries?
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Back when I was growing up there all of the area libraries were merged into the Brown County Library system. So you have the central library downtown with several branches in the city and suburbs. You may want to try libraries outside of that system which would be the Green Bay school district along with other suburban school districts. Also you may want to try institutions such as UWGB, St. Norbert College, NWTC.
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 07-23-2014, 08:11 AM

Default Re: Hey!

Sounds like a plan! I'm 40 miles from GB on the lakeshore. I think you would be able to find an apartment. As with any location, you have to do your homework. You might want to check into the
tax issue in terms of what is taken out of a pay check. I remember Wis. employees when I was living/working in Illinois complaining about it.

I worked for VW for 33 yrs., have a pension and ss so I was able to leave Illinois, move here.

Thursday, July 24

I love having pen pals from!

At today's art class, we were teaching the children about pointillism. So fun.

So pretty.

Friday, July 25

Mimi keeping mom's work papers and electronic devices warm.

I'm dog and snake sitting for my aunt this weekend.

My awesome dinner!

Even though I tried, it all fell apart
What it meant to me will eventually be a memory of a time when...

I tried so hard
And got so far
But in the end

It doesn’t even matter