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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thankful Thursday 10/8/2015

Happy Thursday! Y'all know what day it is too - Thankful Thursday! I feel like I have a lot to be thankful for this week and I am grateful for how this week has turned out so far.

On Monday I started my first "big girl" job. It went really well and this week has continued to go really well. I have made some mistakes so far, which is normal for someone new. Yet, despite these minimal mistakes, I've been doing a very good job. I'm in accounts payable and I would have never thought an English major could do that job well. Well, I suppose they can - at least I can. I'm good at analyzing things, which researching (which I also learned as a history major), analyzing literature, and writing reports has taught me to do that well. I suppose learning foreign languages help too. Numbers are a lot like words, surprisingly!

I'm meeting more people of other departments now. They're all very friendly and very welcoming. My office mates all talk to me in the morning and throughout the day. They're all very helpful and patient. One of the women that works in the retirement department walked to my desk this morning, said "good morning" and we talked for 15 minutes or so. That was so nice! Sorry, I love working with friendly people and despite one experience in a job that was the opposite, I've lucked out for the most part so far. One of the HR women introduced herself yesterday and we're both the same height (4'10). She said, "This is my first time meeting someone my height! We have to stick together!" I smiled and said, "definitely! Everyone is taller than us!" It was just so nice.

What are you thankful for today?

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Symphony Prose

I'm going to post some prose I wrote about the symphony today. I'm going to publish these - I will post the actual entry on Friday when I have some more free time after work. Please let me know what you think of these prose pieces.

Rhythm and Twirl

Let the symphony's rhythm twirl around your ears. Let the violins and harps buzz in your lobes; hypnotizing as you sway in your seat.

Let the drums pirouette from your hair to your eyes. May the grace of the piano, ferociously ablaze with fire, bless your memories -- even if the sonata brings you to tears.

But, most of all the the music lighten your days, transforming you from a dark place to a center that resonates peace, light, and inner spirit -- let the glorious music guide you!

Sheherazade's Symphony

Hang your head in prayer as the bow glides along the cello's strings. Seas of Baghdad come alive as the maestro guides me to the shore to meet Sheherazade.

Her symbols of hope spin a clever tale - hang your head in prayer.

The drums and strings boom, roll together in unison -- the waves crash on the shore. Hang your head in prayer and give thanks to endless tales and gracious mercy of God.

Monday, October 5, 2015

First Day of Work

Today I started my first full time job... or as others love calling it - my first "big girl" job. It went really well - my co-workers and manager are really nice, friendly, and easy to get along with. The office was a bit of maze, but after a few hours I did get used to it. The retirement office is decorated for Halloween and the clerk for that office has a fake Christmas tree (apparently she keeps it up all year long, but decorates it for different holidays) decorated for Halloween. Her office has Halloween decorations as well. I learned a lot today and I can't wait to learn more!

When I arrived this morning, the manager let me choose where I wanted to sit. There were a few cubicles opened and I saw the cubicle near the window was free - I claimed that cubicle and love looking at the Norristown skyline. Here is one picture I snapped during lunch:

Tomorrow I have to bring some of the things to decorate my desk and cubical. I want to get a few more picture frames and I have to think of some other things.Today was just a good day!

On Wednesday I will post a blog entry about yesterday's outing with Claire. I'm tired today, tomorrow is dad's birthday - I will prepare something for Wednesday!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Secret Life of Blogger's Blog Party (9/28/2015-10/3/2015)

The Secret Life is back! In the two and a half weeks I was gone, there has been a lot happening. I've been working on As Far As The Eyes Can See, working at the library, interviewing, and finally landed a full time job. I start on Monday and life will be even busier! I look forward to it and I look forward to sharing this week's happenings with you.

Sunday, September 27

I know this is not a typical day in the blog party, but the last caterpillar we caged is now a chrysalis. Look at the process!

Monday, September 28

After my interview, I wanted to get a picture of the Courthouse. It's across the street. 
This is where my dad works too.

Tuesday, September 29

Found out I did get the job and that I will start on Monday, October 5. A happy surprise. :) I then went to the King of Prussia Mall (didn't get pictures of that).

Worked on diwali card to send to my pen pal in India.

Wednesday, September 30

Aunt Kathy took me to Exton Square Mall on Wednesday to go to Boscov's. Exton Square Mall is MUCH cheaper than King of Prussia. Here are the outfits between both days.

Me trying on one outfit at Boscov's.

Saw one more caterpillar on our hairy balls milkweed. Since my parents are going away,we didn't bring him in. This was our last humid day, I hope he's surviving the freeze we're having now, along with rain!

Thursday, October 1

Saw this beauty on my way home from the library.

Friday, October 2

Casual Friday at the library. My new clothes.

Had to go to Philadelphia to get my SEPTA pass since Norristown ran out of the pass I needed. 
Saw this musician and he was pretty good.

When I came home, I had a card waiting from my aunt and uncle. I want to thank everyone who took the time to congratulate me. I am pretty excited!

Saturday, October 3

Went to Exton Square Mall again to pick up other things. I gave in and bought a selfie stick. Here are the pictures from the selfie stick.

A few of the things I want for my desk. Dammit doll, Baymax that Steph made me, Grumpy Cat pens, and the pens/penholder that I kept from my internship. I have to make a collage to frame.

Tomorrow I am seeing a symphony with Claire at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia. I'm really excited because I've never been to a symphony before. Before we go to the Kimmel Center, we're going to go to Cedars, a Middle Eastern restaurant on 2nd and South Sts. Here is the dress I am wearing and the jewelry to go along with it. I can't wait to wear it! I can't wait to see Claire and I can't wait for our day out! Here is a sample of what the musicians are playing tomorrow:

I hope you had a great week and I hope your upcoming week is awesome too!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Mock Squid Soup: October Trivia Teaser

Today, for this month's Mock Squid Soup, all society members are invited to post three hints for their choice of film this month. All are welcomed to guess. My three clues:

- This independent film from 1962 has been cited as an important influence for films directed by David Lynch and George A. Remero.

- This movie cost $33,000, thus it relies on atmosphere more than special effects to create a foreboding mood.

- The director was an educational video director by trade, but decided to try something new after inspiration struck while he was on a business trip.

Any guesses? Society reviews will be posted next Friday, October 9. See you then!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Thankful Thursday 10/1/2015

Hello/ Guten Tag / مرحبا و أحلا وسلا! Happy October 1st and Happy Thursday! It is Thankful Thursday and I have a lot to be thankful for this week. I wasn't going to post anything until I officially start on Monday at 8 AM, but heck, I am excited and I want to share my excitement with y'all! I am now a full time employee for the county! I had the interview on Monday and I thought I flubbed it. The one interviewer asked why I studied Arabic in college. I was stunned because I was never asked that question before. I was shocked and floundered, while he just said, "I'm just curious. It's unusual to see on a resume." I finally said, "I always had an interest in the language, my school offered it and I took the opportunity to study Arabic." The interview only lasted a half an hour. I left dejected; then on Tuesday the first interviewer called me to offer me a position. I accepted. She said, "Does Monday at 8 AM work?" "Absolutely!" I was on break at the library - the whole conversation lasted 10 minutes. We talked salary and times, but on Monday everything else will be talked about and I guess I will sign the papers.

My first "big girl" job! Between this, everything else, and finishing As Far As The Eyes Can See, I'll be one busy gal... but I am so excited. I love being busy. I thanked the first interviewer so many times on Tuesday after I accepted the position - I almost sent her an e-mail, but I thought that all the "thank yous" in the ten minutes we chatted sufficed. I told my library supervisor the news, changed my schedule, and she gave me a big hug. She's excited for me too, as is the library. I e-mailed Darlene, my former co-worker from WCU, and she was crying tears of joy. I e-mailed my former supervisor from WCU who has since moved the good news and she is excited too. I'm thankful for everyone during this process! I have to e-mail my one English professor about the good news since she was a reference for other jobs, and my Arabic professor since she was a reference for other jobs and I want to get in touch about Arabic lessons for the first of the year. I'm thankful she'll work with me. Ah, so thankful, grateful, and excited. I even looked at office supplies for my desk. I can't wait to have a desk again! I know, I know, something so minor - but minor excitements are just as important as big excitements!

After a few days of really humid weather, the rains (and waiting for Hurricane Joaquin to hit at some point on Monday into Tuesday) have cooled things down. It went from 85 to 59 - I love this weather! With this weather, the leaves have changed colour as well. I'm thankful for the change of seasons I get to experience and the beauty autumn brings.

What are you thankful for today?

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Beginning To Put Together As Far As The Eyes Can See / New Caterpillar

Hi everyone,

I still have a lot of writing for As Far As The Eyes Can See, but yesterday I figured I should start typing the handwritten poems. I tend to like to do a lot of work - I like to hand write a poem first, proofread it, type it while proofreading it again, send the typed copy to trusted people to proof, get their feedback, make changes if needed, then it's done. I had only a few poems typed and I thought of doing it closer to the self-imposed deadline, but rethought that idea. I feel stressed by all this writing I still have to do, I don't want to feel even more stressed typing everything up!

So, I started yesterday and between living life (i.e. doing other things that needed to be done), I didn't work on any new poems. I'm rectifying that today once I e-mail this former lawyer some questions I have. I'm nervous about it because he's a board member of the Senior Center and since I'm not there anymore...

...but, back in May when I was planning to publish As Far As The Eyes Can See, I was thinking of having it as a two part book: poems from NaPoWriMo, then poetry, prose, and essays from Soundtrackers. With Soundtrackers, it was a contest that let everyone use their favorite songs for the whole month and you wrote pieces based on the song title. The board member said song titles can be iffy, but he'd be happy to look over the manuscript. Then I changed my mind and figured I would make As Far As the Eyes Can See travel poetry. I have some from NaPoWriMo, from Soundtrackers, some I've done in the past, and creating new pieces. Although I'm not using Soundtrackers, I did e-mail Acrassicauda back in May to see if I could use their song titles for some poems. Marwan (band's drummer) sent an e-mail and agreed. This was the e-mail:

I still want to e-mail the lawyer (of if any of my dear blog readers know this answer, please comment!) about the validity of this e-mail - I think the e-mail should be valid - but how I would cite this in my book. I have about five different poems with song titles. I might write one more... but their song titles aren't extensive in my book.

I've been looking through poetry that I want to use to start off the book. I wrote this poem last November and although it didn't win a contest within The Narrative, I still really like this poem a lot because it shows vulnerability and nervousness to make a good impression on someone you like, but it doesn't work out for whatever reason. For me, the disjointedness shows the nervousness:

City Skyline
Jessica Marie 

The city skyline,
            gray in the distance;
the city skyline
            twirls in the Schuylkill,
rippled by fury then calmness then fury in the rain.
The city skyline
            is so much different today
than when I met you a few months ago before a show—
the city skyline,
            warm, bright, welcoming; we were both excited,
the city skyline,
            turning cold later, but there was still vibrant energy.
I follow your lead, my black boots jumping
over black puddles, deep I think, along Thirtieth Street.
It’s cold, damp, and rainy;
I follow your voice, like the city skyline,
            trailing off with tall buildings and city traffic,
trying to keep up, my silent agreements swallowed in horns,
skid marks and never ending construction.
The city skyline hides my anxiety,
            I wish I could reach out to you,
I wish I could tell you about other city skylines:
            Detroit, Milwaukee, Baltimore, Chicago, Atlanta—
I wish I could tell you about the beauty of rivers and streams:
            Lake Michigan, the Chesapeake, the Rhine;
they don’t seem as gray as this skyline
or as black and possibly icy as the Schuylkill.
Yet most of all, I wish I could reach out
            and hold your hand, then a big hug
            and tell you how I feel;
how you make the days less rainy and cold—
instead I look at the formidable buildings and listen to you:
            but out of the corner of my eye, I saw the gold hands
            point to a little after two o’clock—it’s time to go—
the confusion of rain and the labyrinth of city landscapes,
we almost miss my bus home, you’re patient though
            in the rush and confusion, I make it, but with no goodbye.
The city skyline leaves my sight,
            gray disappearing along with a black river;
as the city skyline shrinks,
            unlike a month ago with pride in meeting my heroes
            and the feeling that it made up for the missed opportunities of 2014;
as the city skyline continues to shrink into the suburbs,

            missed opportunities grow bigger in the shadow.

Do you think that'd be a good poem to start off the book? Then write about all my other travels, then end it with places I'd like to go? I'm thinking that should be logical and it could be fun - showing where I've been, what I'm doing now, then where I'd like to go. I think I'm going to go with that.


On a different subject, we've brought in the last caterpillar. Something killed the 2nd caterpillar and ants began to eat it. Mom cut down the milkweed stalks and brought in our last caterpillar of the season. It turned into a "J" this morning and we suspect soon it'll be a chrysalis. Can't wait to watch that!

Still working on the monarch to Mexico/South America poem, but I'm thinking of starting a poem like:

"Gotta go, gotta go, gotta really go, go
gotta go to Mexico!"

There is a children's book about the monarch caterpillar process called Gotta Go and I think that alliteration could make an interesting poem. I'm going to give it a shot and see how it turns out.